Il Fuco was born from the meeting of professionals from the UAS sector, video editors and web communication specialists. The first were not able to easily deal with the necessary administrative permissions to fly with their drones, so the second managed to create a new way to work in order to make life easier to drone users.

Il Fuco is realistically able to help both the pilots, who may need assistance to prepare the necessary flight documents for the Italian law, and the ones who want to use drones for their own working needs, but do not fully know their technology and the complicated bureaucracy behind these instruments.

Support to get the flight permissions, availability of serious professional pilots, information, and a little bit of technical culture about the UAS sector: this is Il Fuco.

Are you a pilot in search of a collaboration ?

Our service allows you to get the maximum online visibility and to manage the necessary documents in a simple and fast way in order to contact the local authorities (ENAC, ENAC, etc) and to make your drone fly. 

Looking for a drone flying for you? 

With Il Fuco you can get assistance and the information you need about the procedures for the authorisations and the permissions, but you can also find the pilot for you, directly at home. Choosing a specialist has never been this fast! You can filter the searching results by locations, specialisation and type of work. Once you find the pilot, you can get in touch with him directly and efficiently.

And more ...

Il Fuco comes with the specific purpose of informing about the consistently growing UAS sector and its techniques, and helping the ones who come close to this job to easily enter this environment